Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Unfortunately, our eyes are particularly poor at blocking or filtering Blue Light. Through evolution, our eyes never developed a Blue Light filter. In fact, our eyes are far more effective at blocking UV light. Only ~1% of UV light actually enters into our eyes. And when we’re wearing UV protective sunglasses, it’s even less! Our ocular Blue Light filter is even worse when we’re younger. Likewise, as we get older and require cataract surgery, this naturally-occurring pigment is removed, thus further emphasizing the need for Blue Light blocking glasses.

  • Eye care is incredibly important. At All Things Clever, we believe that Blue Light glasses are the best way to mitigate the harmful and uncomfortable symptoms of Blue Light and protect your eyes. Our Blue Light protection glasses are specially designed to effectively filter Blue Light without compromising the aesthetics of a virtually clear lens. Other brands offer blue lens glasses that either use an ineffective coat that looks clear (unless in front of a screen, in which case it looks blue because it reflects Blue Light) or blue blocking glasses with a heavy yellow tint that are effective, but aesthetically unappealing and affect your color perception and acuity. These yellow glasses are often referred to as blue blockers (or even sometimes as blue light blockers or anti Blue Light glasses). At All Things Clever, we offer a proprietary lens that itself filters Blue Light so that it can be the perfect balance between clear and effective. .